• The story begins in 1978 when Guglielmo Bortolomiol left the family business where he became one of the pioneers of Prosecco since the '50s and founded the Spumanti Gemin of Valdobbiadene.
    Guglielmo, who was named after his father, was called Gemin from the time he was a baby. This is why this name was chosen for the new company, following the family tradition with its love for their land and its values.

  • The company has been continuously growing since 1985 with the construction of a new crushing winery and a new warehouse for packaging and storage.
    Spumanti Gemin is next to the Prà dell'Ort agricultural company that has five hectares of vineyards in the most strategic locations between Riva de Milan, San Vito and San Marco, considered to be among the most attractive in Valdobbiadene.

  • Since 1999, Paola Bortolomiol and her husband Alvio Stramare became the managers of the company, maintaining the values of Guglielmo but making continuous improvements: the renovation of the head offices, new technologies for the transformation of the wine, the enlargement of the vineyards, new re-planting and sophisticated irrigation systems. The company's goal is to maintain products with a constant quality.

  • However, the family remains at the centre of everything: Paola and Alvio, supported by their sons Luigi, future oenologist, and the twins Elisabetta and Luca, a continuity is guaranteed which preserves the quality of a wine that should be savoured with the heart.

  • Today the company is already known and appreciated in many countries throughout Europe and in the United States. The intention is to open and develop new markets with the goal being to maintain a quality product over time.